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Private Events 

Host your own plant nights are available by appointment. Please fill out the contact form or contact Meghan @ for a personal quote or to customize your party/planter theme. 

Large Planters :

$48 per person ( 10 person minimum)

Host your own plant night includes everything you need to plant your own succulent pot! This will include 1 larger planter, soil/rocks, themed accessories, and up to 3 succulents per guest. 


Small Planters:

$35 per person (10 person minimum)

Host your own plant night with small planters! This includes everything you need to throw your own succulent potting party. Each person will receive 1 small planter, soil/rocks, themes accessories, and up to 2 succulents.

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Contact Details

24 Lanark Rd 

Boston Ma, 02135


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